Staying Fit Without Weights

staying fit without weights

Everybody has their own unique way to stay motivated with living a healthier lifestyle through health and fitness, but you don’t have to always go to a gym and lift weights. A lot of people don’t like doing this, and if this applies to you then there is nothing wrong with that! As you will come to find out, there are other methods to staying fit without weights. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to choose from.


Combat Conditioning

wrestling fitnessCombat conditioning is a different approach to making exercise something fun and exciting. After all, you will only be motivated to do something if you honestly enjoy it, and if you have to force yourself to lift weights then maybe they just aren’t for you. This type of training grants you the benefit of increasing your endurance and strength while performing various types of training such as wrestling and MMA.

If you have never wrestled for five minutes then you’re going to be surprised at how much cardio training you honestly get from sparring for a round. A group of friends make it even better since you can wrestle one person for two minutes, and then switch at the sound of an alarm and face the next. Continue three rounds straight and feel the burn!

Okay, so MMA (mixed martial arts) is getting blown up into one of the most followed sports, and I dare say it’s almost up there with baseball and football. So why not actually train in MMA if you’re going to wear the T-shirt everywhere? This sport is going to kick your ass when you spar for five minutes just like wrestling, and both of these training techniques teach you self defense. You get a two-for-one out of it all!


Zumba Fitness

zumba fitnessZumba is another method to staying fit without weights. Mostly women perform this since it involves dancing to the rhythm of music while some various exercises are thrown into the routine, but men have been in the class as well. Hey, if you like to dance and enjoy training this way then keep it up!! Again, the point is doing something that is fun for YOU and not forcefully being held over your head. Nobody HAS to weight train, and strength training doesn’t always involve weights.

The whole zumba fitness exercise regimen allows you to get a nice cardio workout in and builds up your endurance and as well. You can burn fat this way also, but of course a proper diet is the primary factor when it comes to losing fat effectively.



yoga fitnessYoga is good for those that just want to relax and do their own thing with fitness training. Most people do yoga along with some other type of exercise regimen, but this is not necessary. Yoga takes you through various stretching patterns that follow along with proper breathing techniques. This gets made fun of most of the time, but a lot of professional sports players participate in yoga to help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and injury recovery.

Hot yoga has been said to help burn fat quickly, and I’m guessing that would obviously happen since the room temperature is 110 degrees or higher. Wrestler’s burn fat to make weight by wrestling in small rooms set at 100 degrees, which allows them to make weight, so this is not necessarily a “bad” technique, but you have to drink plenty of water if you choose hot yoga.

Pole Dancing Fitness???

Pole dancing fitness is another type of exercise training that gets the women pumped up and excited to have some fun! No, this is not where you go and place furry boots on to put on a show. This type of training is a sport that builds strong upper and lower body muscles, and is actually rather hard to get down at first. Not necessarily because of coordination, but rather a lack of muscular strength within stabilizer muscles that hardly get used.


The Choice is yours!

Just go out and do something that is fun and interesting for you to keep in shape and be healthy. Did you know that lifting heavy weights is actually hard on your body, and could cause serious health problems? Hell, some of the bodybuilder’s from Arnold’s era even regret not performing more reps with lower weight settings. Quite a conundrum right? Regardless, stay motivated and do something.

Brian Pankau

Brian Pankau

Experienced personal trainer and strength coach

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