Easy Workout Program to Burn Calories at Home

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It’s a realistic possibility to burn calories at home through proper training, but just because it’s easy to do doesn’t mean that a lot of hard work and dedication aren’t required. One of the top reasons a person fails with their workout program is because they are performing their workouts at home, so let’s keep you from becoming a part of this group and help you reach your fat loss goals the correct way.

However, we should first take look at tips that help get you situated to prevent long rest times between sets.


Designate an Area for Training

Okay, you probably always hear how you can perform bodyweight exercises just about anywhere, and while this is a pretty true statement, the fact is you want a primary area for performing your exercises while you are at home. You can make adjustments if training is needed to do elsewhere, but some reasons why you want a primary area designated are:

  • You need an area away from furniture to prevent sitting down too often
  • You want to be away from the kitchen or area containing snacks
  • You need enough room for your body to perform different exercise positions
  • You want to be away from anything distracting i.e. computers, televisions, etc.

All of these reasons basically mean you should have an area away from things that are distracting for most people. This happens a lot in the gym too where TV’s line the ceiling area. Everybody performs their set and sit around for twice as long they needed for rest because the TV has created a distraction.

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Invest in Home Training Equipment

I’m not saying to go out and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of fitness equipment, but instead saying to invest around $20-$50 for things such as:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Exercise Balls
  • Yoga Mat

These simple items go a long way with workout programs to burn calories at home. You just have to buy the standard brands of equipment that cost less, which actually work better than some of the higher quality products anyways. Resistance bands would be the most important ones to purchase since they are quite versatile for their price.

man doing push-upsYoga mats would be close to importance as well since they help keep your bones from digging into the ground during things such as crunches and/or sit-ups. Another quick tip for why yoga mats are great is because they help you keep your balance during workouts.

Kettlebells and exercise balls offer a different type training program since they both create an unstable environment for your body, which basically means you have to use stabilizer muscles that are rarely used to counter the unstable gravity trying to make you fall over.



Why Choose Resistance Bands
I firmly believe a great piece of equipment for training to burn calories at home is the kettlebell, but I’m trying to offer you the cheapest solution possible to add on to bodyweight training. Resistance bands can range from $3-$20 depending on the brand you choose, but they all offer the same thing, which is resistance against your muscles.

However, you need a resistance level that actually causes your muscles to contract against an external force, so choosing something too light just isn’t going to work for anything except warm-ups. A moderate level of resistance is necessary for strength training to occur, and this is the best type of workout you can have.

Sure, cardio helps with heart and circulatory conditioning, but does nothing for keeping all your muscles and bones strong enough as life continues on. But the neat thing is that you can mix both types of training into one workout so you get the best of both worlds – a strong heart and body.


Does Bodyweight Training Actually Work?

Absolutely! You can see people on YouTube recording their progress with simple home training that shows lean muscle growth and fat burning potential. The reason why is because all resistance is created equally for your body, which means your muscles have no idea what you are using for your workout.

fat loss dietYou can pick up a rock that weighs 30lbs. and curl it to receive almost the same benefits as a dumbbell weighing the same amount. The only difference in benefits are not from the resistance, but rather the equipment being used causing other interactions with your body.

For example, kettlebells work so well because of their awkward shape forcing your body to use extra muscles for performing an exercise that dumbbells would not require from having perfect balance.

You can find out more detailed information on bodyweight training with a different post I created on Ask the Trainer.


Home Workout Program to Burn Calories at Home

This workout program is designed to be used for 4 consecutive days. So you will be training lower body, upper body, lower body, upper body, abdominal and then 2 rest days to maintain a proper rest cycle and fat burning process continuously until you reach your goal.

Once accomplished, you can continue the program for however long you like, but you will want to change resistance, sets, and reps to keep lean muscle gains and fat loss continuing simultaneously. Each day has different exercises and/or changes in how it will be performed to optimize your training potential.

You will need a minimum of 30 minutes available to perform each workout. It’s strongly recommended that you have a yoga mat for ease of training, and resistance bands to fully complete each workout. Great products for use and value have been given below:

Day #1 (Monday)

Exercise                                                           Sets     Reps

Mountain Climbers                                           3          50

Steam-Engines                                                  3          30

Squats (with resistance band)                         4          15

Single-Leg Calf Raises                                      4          25 (per leg)

Fire Hydrants                                                    3          25 (per side)

Glute Bridges                                                     3          20

Marching Glute Bridges                                    3          20

Single-Leg Deadlifts (w/ resistance band)     3          15 (per leg)


Day #2 (Tuesday)

Exercise                                                           Sets     Reps

Jumping Jacks                                                   3          50

High Knees (in-place)                                       3          50

Push-Ups                                                           4          25

Single-Arm Floor Chest Press (w/ resistance band)   4          15 (per arm)

Floor Dips                                                          3          20

Floor Hyperextensions                                    3          20

Standing Biceps Curls (w/ resistance band)   3          15

Standing Reverse Curls (w/ resistance band)   3          15

Sitting Floor Rows (w/ resistance band)         3          20


Day #3 (Wednesday)

Exercise                                                           Sets     Reps

Running In-Place                                             2          1 minute continuous

Squat Thrusts                                                  3          25

Mountain Climbers                                          3          25

Alternating Lunges                                          4          15

Straight-Leg Kickbacks                                  3          20 (per side)

Single-Leg Calf Raises                                    4          25

Bird Dogs                                                          4          15 (per side)

Side Lunges                                                      3          15 (per side


Day #4 (Thursday)

Exercise                                                           Sets     Reps

Bear Crawls                                                                2          1 minute continuous

Crab Walks                                                                  3          30 seconds continuous

Jumping Jacks                                                             3          30 seconds continuous

Diamond Push-ups                                                      4          15

Dive Bomber Push-Ups                                               4          15

Standing Overhead Press (w/ resistance band)         4          20

Single-Arm Lateral Raises (w/ resistance band)        3          15 (per arm)

Single-Arm Front Raises (w/ resistance band)           3          20 (per arm)

Triceps Kickbacks (w/ resistance band)                      4          15 (per arm)

Bent Single-Arm Rows (w/ resistance band)              4          15 (per arm)


Day #5 (Friday)

Exercise                                                           Sets     Reps

Crunches                                                                     3          25

Reverse Crunches                                                       2          30

Lying Oblique Crunches                                              3          25 (per side)

Lying Leg Raises                                                          3          25

Lying Scissor Kicks                                                       3          25

Lying Hello Dolly’s                                                      3          25

Bicycle Kicks                                                                2          30

Russian Twists                                                             2          30


This exercise program is easy once you get the hang of it. If you are new to training, then it is recommended you drop one set from every exercise given. Enjoy this workout and please share your results!


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