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Is a home diet and training program truly effective? I get asked this a lot and always state that many others have accomplished this with amazing results. The two most common things most people are going to want are getting healthier and fit.

These are two simple goals that take a lot of hard work and dedication, so don’t really believe in the hype about accomplishing this is a couple of months. We often assume that in order to reach this point a gym membership is required.

That is far from the truth. Thousands of people with proper diet plans do nothing but train from home. With or without weights.

Society focuses too much reliance on gyms when you could easily get a hard workout in at home. This issue is figuring out what exercises to perform, and being motivated enough to push yourself into the next exercise.

I’ve taken the time to give all of you free information about how to utilize a proper home diet and training program. You can physically burn calories at home without the use of equipment, and I’m going to tell you how soon enough. Let’s discuss how a proper fat loss diet looks, and get you started from there.

Oh no not the Diet Talk again….water dense fruits and vegetables

A proper nutrition program is going to make or break your goal to be healthier and fit. Nutrients give our bodies the fuel it needs to move, repair, and grow.

Consuming too many or too few of nutrients could cause medical conditions in the future. So we need to establish a common middle ground of nutrient intake that is not too much or too little.

We accomplish this task by moving the daily calorie requirements around to suit our physical needs. Protein is going to make up the larger portion of our meal planning, followed by fats, and then just enough carbohydrates to supply our body with energy.

Here’s a quick crash course on what are known as macronutrients:

Protein – Muscle repair, growth. Bone health.

Fats – Secondary energy source. Protects organs.

Carbs – Primary energy source.

Just know that you need protein to keep your muscles from getting sore and helping them repair, plus it’s used during every process taking place in your body i.e. you have to eat protein rich foods.

Carbs are sugars that enter your bloodstream and are used by your body for energy. They are primarily stored in your muscles and liver, but any excess will be stored as body fat. After this energy is used up, you then need fats to become that source of energy, which is why fat loss occurs.

There’s much more details to all this of course, but you don’t need an entire anatomy and physiology lesson to get started.

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The Calorie Deficit for Home Diet and Training

It’s a proven fact that if you have extra body fat then you have to reduce your calorie intake to get rid of it. This is the easiest method to go about accomplishing any fat loss goals and making your home diet and training program effective.

Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fat burners available on the market today. They do help you have the energy to train harder for better calorie use, but there’s no magic pill that will simply burn fat.

The concept of the claims for burning fat without training comes from the thermogenic ingredients. These ingredients simply heat your body up and cause more calories to be used. That’s about it really.

So the point is take fat burning supplements if you wish; just don’t rely on them to reach your goals without diet and training. But I digress.

A calorie deficit means a decrease in the amount of calories you would normally require for daily body maintenance. You would subtract it from daily requirements after physical output has been taken out. That would be your true calorie deficit.

The easiest way to calculate body fat percentage is with fat calipers. This is not the most accurate method, but you really just need something to give you approximations. This type of equipment will do exactly what you need if you follow the directions properly.

Below is how you use your body fat percentage to determine your daily calorie intake. Just use your own calculations to take place of the examples.

Calculating Your LBM (Both Men and Women):

      1. Find your BF%
      2. Subtract this percentage from 100 to receive fat free mass.
      3. Multiply your fat free mass percentage by your total body weight.

We will keep the examples simple for you to fully understand the calculations. Our example will always refer to a man that’s 200lbs. with 25% BF.

      1. BF is 25%
      2. 100 – 25 = 75% fat free mass
      3. 200 x .75 = 150lbs. lean body fat weight

This calculation concluded that your LBM is 150 pounds. Your LBM will fluctuate as you train and lose fat, so don’t plan on eating the same way all year long.

Roman’s calorie maintenance chart is best suited for the use of fat loss with lean muscle gains, so we will use it to get the best calorie intakes for you.

Roman’s Calorie Intake Maintenance Chart

Current Body Fat Calories Per Pound of LBM
6%-12% 17
12.1%-15% 16
15.1%-19% 15
19.1%-22% 14
22.1% or Above 13

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We can now figure out your daily calorie intake utilizing this chart and your LBM. We will continue to use the male example to help you figure out your own calculations.

200 lbs. x 25% = 50lbs. of body fat

200lbs. – 50lbs. of body fat = 150 pounds of LBM

150 x 13 (BF% is 22.1% or above / received from chart) = 1,950 calories per day

In this example, maintaining a calorie intake of 1,950 calories is going to allow this man to lose fat and increase lean body muscle.

Let’s break this down further and help you figure out your daily requirements of the three macronutrients discussed: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats


Protein contains 4 calories per gram consumed, so we can use this information to know how many calories are required daily through the consumption of protein. Your gram of protein per pound of LBM is 0.9g. (Male example that has 150lbs. LBM)

150lbs. x 0.9g of protein = 135g of protein

135g or protein x 4 calories = 540 calories derived from protein

1,950 daily cal. – 540 protein calories = 1,410 calories left over to be consumed



Carbs contain 4 calories per gram consumed, so we can use this information to know how many calories are required daily through the consumption of protein.

For the purpose of this workout program you will consume 30g of carbs each day (120 calories / 30 x4 calories).

1,410 daily cal. – 120 carb calories = 1,290 calories lefttomatoes, basil, and mozzarrella



Fats contain 9 calories per gram of fats. The final total amount of free calories to consume is given below in the example of the man we’ve been using. Here is the formula for finding out how many calories come from fats.

1,290 daily cal. / 9 = 143 grams of fats to be consumed

These calculations will get you started on the right path to burning fat and building lean muscle. Remember to always check your progress to see if any changes were made.

Why You Don’t Use Weight Scales

Body weight is your blood, water, bones, muscles, fats, and organs all combined. So when you step on a scale that is what you see. Lodsing 3lbs. of weight on the scale doesn’t tell us much. That 3lbs. could have just been water weight, or water with fat and muscle, which is not what you want.

Stay away from the weight scale to keep your sanity!

Home Bodyweight Workout Program

Bodyweight training at home is easy and doesn’t require any equipment. What you will be performing is called calisthenics, which is performing exercises that increase strength and flexibility without the necessity of special equipment.

The exercises will be performed back-to-back with no breaks so that you get the benefits of cardio as well. This training program is easy to follow, but hard to accomplish. You will definitely burn fat, increase strength, and also end up with better flexibility.

Flexibility is important because the stiffer your joints are the more prone to injury you are. You may get away with it in the younger years, but as you get into the 30’s and 40’s you begin to experience the effects of not physically keeping in shape.exercises to do with your kids

The following workout can be performed 3 days a week with a rest day between each workout. Slow down the pace and let your child do this with you to.

It’ll help you spend time with each other and allow them to stay healthy as well.

The following is a full body workout meant to be performed with all exercises back to back i.e. no rest. Increase the amount of reps by +5 every 2 weeks. After 3-4 months change your routine.

    • Squats x 15-25
    • Lunges x 20-30 (Alternate Sides)
    • Push-Ups x 10-20
    • Plank x Hold for 30 seconds
    • Crossover-Knee Crunches x 10-20 (Per Side)
    • Lying Down Leg Raises x 15-25
    • Floor Hyperextensions x 10-20
    • Diamond Push-Ups x 10-20
    • Leg Kick Backs x 15-20 (Per Side)
    • Fire Hydrants x 15-20 (Per Side)
    • Bulgarian Split-Squat x 15 (Per Side)
    • Squats x 25

Note: This is for both men and women, which is why you see the variation in repetitions. If you feel one is easy then simply add more reps or slow the movement down slightly.

Those who can’t do normal push-ups start off with knees on the floor and build upper body strength and core to be able to in future.

Hopefully this totally free information will assist you with your home diet and training needs. Remember, the biggest factor is motivating yourself to eat properly and routinely exercise.

If you need assistance with this and feel you’re not staying focused then I can help with online training. Please use my contact form to discuss your goals and establish a program that fits for you! Live it. Do it.

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