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Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 is a fish oil supplement if you didn’t know, and I’ve personally been a pretty big fan of this brand after coming across it during a review program. Since then I’ve purchased a few more bottles, and figured I’d share the reasons why I like Intelligent Labs fish oil more than any others.

The thing that got me on this topic was when I read a report earlier that stated Americans combined spend over one billion dollars on fish oil supplements annually.

That’s a lot of money, and it caused a rant from me to my family about the low quality, garbage fish oil supplements that people buy these days. So it’s refreshing to talk about the perfect fish oil supplement for a change, which is what I think Intelligent Labs is bringing to the consumers.

Simply put, here are the factors that you need to look at when purchasing a fish oil supplement:

  • EPA/DHA Ratio
  • Fish Oil Purity
  • Third Party Testing


Ultra Pure Omega 3 EPA/DHA Ratio

First, you want to check your fish oils form. No, not all fish oils are in the same form. You want your omega 3’s to come from natural triglyceride form. I’ll save getting in-depth with this factor for a fish oil guide.

But know that lower quality fish oil supplements have their omega 3 come from a chemically altered form, which is known as Estyl Ester. Low quality meaning your body is not able to absorb it effectively, thus the ultra pure omega 3overall benefits you hoped to receive from fish oil is probably not there.

Intelligent Labs fish oil has the highest DHA ratio coming from triglycerides, which basically means you’re getting fish oil that absorbs properly for possible health benefits to occur.

The EPA/DHA ratio is on point with Ultra Pure Omega 3. Drug store fish oils will contain a 4:2 or 5:2 ratio because their shit is cheap to make so why not just throw more in it.

More isn’t always a good thing, and studies even suggest that fish oil should contain a 3:2 ratio of EPA/DHA.

I’ve provided an image of the ingredient label, but listed the omega 3 content in case you have a hard time seeing it:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 2,250mg

EPA – 1,224mg

DHA – 816mg

Other Omega 3 Fatty Acids – 210mg

ultra pure omega 3These ratios are taken directly from the bottle I have sitting next to me. Let’s break this down a bit further.

Take a look at the supplement label next time you walk into a drug store hoping to grab a nice cheap bottle of fish oil. Look at the omega 3 fatty acids section. Sure enough cheaper supplements are not going to even tell you the EPA/DHA.

Sure, they will show them in the active ingredients with and overall amount COMBINED from fish oil concentrate, but what the hell does that tell us? There’s probably a reason why they’re not stating the specific amounts even though the consumers are getting smart about this.


Ultra Pure Omega 3 is Legitimately Pure and Proven

The FDA allows companies to use the word “Pure” quite loosely for food and supplement labels. This is similar to products saying “natural” as well. Most claims are based on technicalities such as beef being labeled natural because it was cut by hand.

Intelligent Labs fish oil is different because it truly is pure. They take the fish oil from wild fish of the Antarctic, and molecularly distill this oil to where no impurities are left behind such as heavy metals. Basically you won’t get sick and don’t have to worry about mercury poisoning.

In order to prove Ultra Pure Omega 3 is actually pure, this brand actually has their fish oil third party tested and certified. Not many supplement brands do this because they will fail. Seriously, Intelligent Labs has the certified pure lab reports available for everyone.

Aside from this, I never experienced fish burps from this supplement. Other fish oils of lower quality will cause this to happen because their fish oil is not good anymore. This is not always a sign of garbage fish oil, but 9/10 brands probably fall into this category (just saying).


Affordable Pure Fish Oil

You want affordable fish oil right? Well Intelligent Labs sells their fish oil for $29.99 per 40 serving bottle. That’s over a month of dosages per purchase. You can even subscribe and get 10% off. This is not like a pre workout supplement where you use it from time to time.

True fish oil benefits are more possible when these supplements are used daily for an extended period of time. I know what you’re thinking. The brands at the drug store are 50% lesser in cost that Intelligent Labs.

Well that’s because they’re low quality, useless, and a waste of money. Might as well just buy a shirt or something.affordable pure fish oil That’s obviously my opinion, but I have my reasons.

I’ve taken fish oil for years, but when I switched from those BOGO fish oil supplements at the drug store and started using Ultra Pure Omega 3 my inflamed knee joints started to feel noticeably better. Now that’s one hell of a placebo affect if fish oil doesn’t help with joint health.

Stay tuned for my fish oil supplement guide when I cover this subject more in depth, and if you want an affordable pure fish oil supplement head over to Intelligent Labs website. You should definitely notice the difference after your first bottle.

Well that’s it for my Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 review; hope you learned something new fit friends!

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