About S.F.L.

Strong Fit Living started off as a portfolio for me as a trainer and competitive powerlifter, but has grown to be much more than that. Over the course of the past 8 years I have been providing free information covering nutrition, fitness, and supplement related topics.

Online training is also available, but my intent is to help everyone achieve the ultimate goal of living a healthier life. Period.

There’s nothing more accomplishing for a dedicated trainer than to know that I have helped someone, somewhere with possibly preventing a serious illness in the future.

What we eat and how we stay active has a serious impact with our health. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer are real and nobody is able to fully prevent them.

That being said – my primary area of focus is strength. Powerlifting exercises and Olympic lifts are my specialty, and I know how to teach them to even the most novice lifters.

Many look upon exercises such as the snatch or deadlift and wonder how to execute them, but are too scared to start giving them a try.

Compound exercises used for these two types of focus encourage strength to keep your body

Post competition with Athlete I coached

healthy and safer than just running on a treadmill.

Plus they are fun as hell to perform opposed to watching a TV while doing a pathetic jog.

Your bones are going to be much stronger and muscles more dense. Your flexibility, balance, and energy levels will be improved significantly.

You don’t necessarily get bulky unless you eat the calories to accomplish this, so ladies don’t be afraid to lift weights. About 85% of my clients are females and making awesome progress with fat loss and lean muscle gains.

My profession is to teach you how to properly execute strength training and utilize heavier compound lifts whilst having a good diet. Learn how to become strong safely and properly through my free posts and also consider the online training programs I offer.

Let’s start this fitness journey together and take a deeper look at training and nutrition from a realistic standpoint – the human standpoint. This is Strong Fit Living and my name is Brian Pankau. I’ll be your online trainer throughout the course of your transformation to become healthy once again. Do it. Live it.